Route 66 Casino WWTP

The project at the right was built by NM-H2O and staff along with handpicked subcontractors under a Texas contractor and was the first MBR facility in the state of New Mexico. It is a 400,000 GPD Kubota membrane plant that originally had an enclosed aeration tank as well as an enclosed anoxic tank. NM-H2O went on to build the second MBR facility in the state which was identical, except that it was 190,000 GPD. The plants were built over an 18 month period and placed in service in late 2004.

The Route 66 and Dancing Eagle treatment plants are owned by the Laguna Pueblo and the scope of operations work included daily operations, maintenance and repairs, including lift stations and collections system. NM-H2O terminated the operations contract when the owner hired an internal operator, who refused any training. In 2007, NM-H2O was brought back as contract operators, performing complete aeration rehab at both plants due to the owner's operator inability to properly operate the plants. NM-H2O left in March 2011 after completing a $900,000 design/build rehab/upgrade at both plants, fully performed by NM-H2O. Both plants remained in full operation and NPDES compliance during the entire upgrade process and included extensive piping, process control, aeration and anoxic upgrades as well as SCADA and PLC upgrades. During this time NM-H2O trained the owner's operator, as well as brought their water system into EPA compliance solving corrosion and lead leaching problems.

The top two pictures were during original construction showing the separate anoxic and aeration tanks. The lower picture was after the rehab showing the redesigned, combined anoxic tank, within an outside ring serving as the aeration tank.