Nageezi Water System

This project is one of several phases of a water transmission and distribution system on the Navajo Nation obtaining water from the Cutter Dam, near Navajo Lake. This particular project was about 20 miles of 22 HPDE pipe, with all types of appurtenances, water storage tanks, chlorine treatment facilities, surge tanks and pump station of about 2,000 GPM. NM-H2O was responsible for construction management/quality control and assisted with startup through the engineer, Souder Miller & Associates. NM-H2O has subsequently served in the same capacity on a 2nd phase that is very similar except that is was about 12 miles and was mainly 14 bell and spigot PVC pipe with some fusible PVC.

The picture at the right is one half of the Patterson pump station, manufactured in Georgia, transported by truck, then assembled on site. The entire station, along with other facilities is bullet proof.