Isleta Pueblo Water & Wastewater

The picture at the right is of a post filtration unit for the reuse/disposal system on the effluent of one wastewater treatment systems at Isleta Pueblo. The treatment systems are sequencing batch reactors and together treat about 400,000 GPD. Both discharges are ground discharge through an above ground sprinkler system.

NM-H2O was the interim Utility Division Manager at Isleta Pueblo for several months from mid September 2013 through August 2014, assisting in the restructuring of the division, and the hiring and training of a new Division Manager. The Isleta Pueblo Utility Division covers an area of over 30 square miles, with numerous wells, storage tanks, water/wastewater treatment facilities, and booster stations. During this tenure, NM-H2O was heavily involved in the grant seeking process, RFP generation and contractor selection and various board, council and other government agency interaction and coordination.