San Felipe WWTP

The Kubota membrane treatment plant was built in 2008 to treat up to 300,000 gallons per day of wastewater and with the addition of membrane units, the plant will be able to treat up to 600,000 gallons per day and can be expanded as additional treatment capacity is needed. The treatment plant provides near-drinking water quality effluent to be used by the pueblo for irrigation if desired. The plant treats wastewater collected throughout the pueblo that is carried to the plant through a series of collection lines and interceptor sewers. NM-H2O served as construction management/quality control through the engineer, Souder Miller & Associates for this project as well as all phases of sewer lines and lift stations on San Felipe Pueblo.

NM-H2O has operated the plant and all lift stations for the Pueblo since 2009, as well as performing numerous repairs and system upgrades. Duties include:

  • Plant, grounds and building repairs and maintenance
  • All required daily, weekly, or monthly sampling, monitoring and state and federal reporting
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly equipment and process control monitoring, logging and adjustments
  • 24/7 on call with typically short response times
  • Short term and long term planning, as well as providing owner budgeting assistance
  • Monthly operations summary reporting to the owner
  • Process control and operations optimization
  • Odor control when an issue
  • Waste sludge disposal, testing and monitoring
  • Working with and adjusting daily changing flows, and seasonal flows, as well as biological and contaminant type problems, such as grease and septic dumping