Plant Operations.
NM-H2O is a leader in an emerging trend in the water/wastewater consulting business to utilize experienced water and wastewater operations staff to provide added value to our clients. Our Operations Specialists have provided services throughout New Mexico and the years of field experience in various treatment plants and conditions provide practical and proven real-world results to the operations services we provide. We can provide:

  • Full contract operations that cover each and every day on a 24/7 basis
  • Oversight/Management services
  • Startup Services
  • Vacation Coverage/Standby/On Call Services
  • Optimization of existing plant processes/O & M Manual preparation or updates
  • Training of current staff
  • Sample Collection and transport to lab

  • Division Management
    On several occasions, NM-H2O has performed duties as acting Division Management and/or Executive Director during times when systems did not have active or qualified personnel in place due to resignations, dismissals or other circumstances. This allows for many services to be rolled into one and gives the system plenty of time to find properly qualified personnel and provide a seamless transition for new management. This can and should include the following:

  • General Assessment of Water & Wastewater Operating System, Staff, and Projects. Provide feedback on existing employee technical capabilities, and help supervisory & managerial staff become familiar with the operations of water and wastewater facilities, regulatory requirements and policies.

  • Provide project plan reviews, as needed, to ensure efficient and compliant designs and operations for new construction on water and wastewater utilities, as well as assist with short-term fixes and long-term planning. Provide oversight and assessment for new and ongoing infrastructure projects. Make recommendations on improvements to projects thereby saving money and increasing functionality of the project end result.

  • Training and consultative services on operational problems to operators and staff of the systems. Evaluate the system, projects, trends, and staff to locate problem areas, establish and/or improve standard operation procedures, develop solutions, make recommendations, and implement a corrective action plan.

  • System and/or staff reorganization, as required, as well as assist with short-term fixes and long-term planning. Act as a mentor/trainer for staff involved in operations, and assist in training, provide technical expertise, and mentor supervisor and operators. Assist with personnel transitions into other positions as required.

  • Automation/SCADA Integration
    NM-H2O brings a comprehensive perspective to automation and SCADA integration. Having worked with numerous systems and integrators we work to understand how the entire operation functions and then recommend ways that can streamline or improve the operation and/or the control system for the operation.

    Facility Assessment/Evaluation
    Having built, inspected or operated many types of water and wastewater systems, NM-H2O can provide invaluable project construction and operability reviews of newly designed facilities. These reviews point out construction problems and alternatives, as well as whether the system will operate and function properly as designed.

    Design Operability Reviews
    An assessment's primary objective is to determine current operating and mechanical conditions for necessary repairs, replacement or process upgrades or adjustments for keeping facilities in good working condition, which reduces the risk of equipment failures and need for emergency repairs, as well as making sure discharge parameters are met.

    Other Services
  • Permit Assistance
  • Asset and Maintenance Management
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
  • Arsenic Treatment Systems
  • Wastewater Solids Handling
  • Lift Station Evaluation
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance